October 27, 2019 – I woke up to another crystal-clear sunny morning in Brisbane. Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, if only we could end this miserable drought. It seems as if everyone and everything is waking up, blooming and getting ready for the longer days ahead.

While some respond immediately to the change, others need a firm nudge to get back into the spring swing of things. Getting outside, giving the yard some post-winter attention, maybe pulling out the bike or going for a run, (watch out for those Magpies!), but your body doesn’t always follow suit.

One way that embracing the season can be achieved—is soaking in your new Aussie Spa. Why? Well, of course it’s good for you regardless of the reasoning! But did you know that it’s easier for your body to get into a relaxed state when it’s immersed in warm water?

Thanks to an ever-growing body of research, we’ve learned how immersion in warm water can lower blood pressure, strengthen the respiratory system, aid the healing of those with physical aches and pains and more. And now, in an exciting new development, we know those benefits extend to the brain and overall nervous systems.

Dr Bruce Becker, one of the industry’s most impassioned advocates of the benefits of aquatic activity, who examined these neurological benefits from several angles writes in “Promoting Nervous System Health:”

“Research has shown that immersion, especially warm water immersion, has a unique effect upon the autonomic nervous system, the part of the central nervous system that controls essential respiratory, cardiac and vascular systems. A relaxation effect is produced, bringing the autonomic system into optimal balance. This autonomic balance has been associated with a reduction in blood pressure, improvement in endocrine function and even improved mood and cognitive function.”

Becker expands on that theme with “Enhancing Brain Blood Flow and Arterial Health:” “In the past several years, it has been found that blood flow to the brain may be enhanced by simple aquatic immersion and aquatic exercise.”

The suite of Becker’s articles concludes with “Biological Benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress.” Here, he describes work he’s done with veterans coping with PTSD. His conclusion: “Warm water therapy environments are beneficial for people with PTS, chronic anxiety disorders, depression and other situations in which the autonomic nervous system is adversely affected.”

In addition, Becker presented at the 2015 World Aquatic Health Conference where he discussed the impact of immersion for people with dementia. In it he highlights a case study of an aging gentleman who experienced what can only be described as remarkable improvements in his cognitive function as a result of his aquatic therapy, which mostly involved simply standing in water. Becker concludes the presentation by saying, “There’s no drug that can do this. Healthy brains are all wet.” See the full presentation below:


We’ve also had so many customers tell us what a big difference sitting outside in their hot tub every night has made for them. Some take in the stars in the night sky, others enjoy the way their yard looks in the evening. Yet others love just soaking in the warm water and this exciting research shows us why they feel so much better!

So…it’s time to wake up to spring! It’s here, and we in the Southeast know so well what a treasure a nice day is. Make the most of the season and use your new Aussie Spa to get outside reaping fantastic health and wellness rewards while enjoying all the wonders of your region.


Aussie Spa Guy