Australia: A Land of Droughts and Flooding Rains

Queensland is clearly struggling with the effects of a drought that has continued for years. While driving into work this morning I drove past a large paddock with just two horses in it. It really was just dirt, there was very little noticeable grass at all, and this was in the middle of the Redlands, Brisbane. I can only imagine the horror of those in regions where rain hasn’t provided relief and feed for their animals is impossible to provide internally.

We at Aussie Spas 2U want to help dispel misconceptions and encourage saving water.

Spas Are NOT Part of the Problem – They are Part of The Solution

We understand that this drought may be unprecedented. There is always more everyone can do to save our precious water resources, including our industry. That’s why we here at Aussie Spas 2U are working on an education campaign to maximise responsible water usage, and along the way help spread the word about responsible Spa management.

Now more than ever it’s important to make smart water choices. Using a hot tub/Spa is a responsible decision, even during periods of water shortage. When properly cared for, Spas use very little water relative to other everyday household activities, and they provide health and wellness benefits, making them well worth the switch to small water usage investment. In addition, Spas use far less water than lawns and gardens and require less water to fill them than most households use in just one day.

Because of the spa industries importance in QLD’s economy, it’s important to view your Spa as part of a drought’s solution – not part of the problem.

Spa’s Don’t Waste Water They Are A Smart Water Choice…

The typical household consumes 1500 litres of water per day. The average household loses 38 litres of water per day due to leaks – that’s nearly 14,000 litres over a year. Standard toilets use at least 10-15 litres per flush. Doing laundry can use 75-150 litres of water per load.

In contrast the typical Spa holds 1500 litres of water. Because that water can last for four months or more, hot tub water usage averages out to less than 12 litres per day and here at Aussie Spas 2U we include water care technology as standard with every Spa that keeps the water cleaner, longer and which can reduce refilling to just once a year! An Aussie Spa well maintained may only use an average of 3 litres of water per day.

Spas Provide Health and Wellness Benefits

Most people use their Spa for Therapeutic purposes, including relief from achy muscles, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and stress. Instead of soaking in baths or taking extra long showers for the benefits of warm-water therapy, Spa owners save water by using their Spa instead.

People Who Own a Spa Save Water All Year Round

Spa households can reduce their total water consumption by replacing long showers and baths with time spent in their Spa. Reducing showers by just one minute per day will more than offset annual Spa water usage.

  • 87% of people shower for relaxation and let the water flow for more than 13 minutes. Spa users save water by using the Spa for therapeutic purposes instead of baths and long showers.
  • People who shorten their showers to just five minutes and use their hot tub for warm water therapy can save an average of 7750 litres of water a year.

Hot Tubbing is a Responsible and Smart Use of Water

Hot Tubs are clearly a water-conscious choice when compared with the 220,000 litres needed annually to maintain a lawn. In addition:

  • Spa water, once cooled, can be reused for lawns and landscaping. Any chemicals break down within 48 hours, making Spa water safe for plants.
  • Spas are self-contained, and their tight, energy efficient covers seal in heat and water, conserving energy and eliminating evaporation by up to 95%. Insist upon a heavy duty, Thermo Spa cover like ours at Aussie Spas 2U when you purchase a Spa or replace your cover. By comparison, up to 50% of the water consumers use outdoors is wasted from inefficient watering methods and systems, according to studies.

The Spa Industry is an Important Part of our State’s Economy

The pool and Spa industry are a multi-million dollar industry that helps keep Queensland’s economy solvent.

  • The Spa industry employs hundreds of Queenslanders whose income relies on sales
  • The GST on sold and serviced Spas provide money for the State’s budget providing much needed infrastructure.



  1. Reducing showers by just 1 minute per day can more than offset annual Spa water usage.
  2. Maintaining Spa water properly can greatly increase the time between draining and refilling.
  3. The Spa cover is an important safety feature that also reduces evaporation and water waste by 95%. Insist upon a heavy duty, thermo Spa cover like ours at Aussie Spas 2U when you purchase a Spa or replace your cover.
  4. Removing any debris that falls into the Spa while the cover is off will keep the water chemistry in balance and reduce the need to drain early.
  5. Upgrading to a water care technology that keeps the water cleaner for longer can reduce refilling to just once a year. Aussie Spas provide both Ozone water technology and UV light technology as standard in our entire range of Spas and Swim Spas to achieve this.
  6. When it does rain, capture the rainwater to replace any water lost due to splashing or evaporation.


Aussie Spa Guy