It’s that time of year again. For some, Christmas is the season of tinsel and family gatherings, but unfortunately also for tension and tears.

Memories are created, but there can be challenging moments as we try to please everyone and live up to picture-perfect Christmas card images.

In December 2018, Salvation Army research found 7.6 million Australians believe Christmas is the most stressful time of year, and about 6 million feel obligated to spend more money than they can afford.

The research also found 6 million experienced anxiety and that two million Aussies felt socially isolated.

But just over two-thirds of these same Aussies said being with family and friends was their favourite way to spend the holiday season.

The holiday season is a special time, but it can be a stressful time too. By the end of the year we’re feeling physically and emotionally exhausted and we put too much pressure on ourselves to create a perfect Christmas. We need to be more realistic, to step back, and to find some moments of calm.


Kids underfoot moaning about how bored they are! Long sun-soaked days offer ample time to get active and have fun outdoors with the family. Remember that health doesn’t go on holidays like you are now! Focusing on sleeping at least 8 hours and at least 30 mins of an activity that improves your health every day is important to your well-being.

There are many and varied health benefits from spending time in your backyard. So just add water! It’s a time of year when water babies blossom but remember to keep a close eye on them near water. Water sports are a great way to burn that extra energy and can also be designed as a fully relaxing activity if that’s what you were hoping for before bedtime. An Aussie Swim Spa is and affordable option while you’re thinking outside the box! If they’ve grown bored with the usual offerings it is sure to keep them interested and accommodates both the fitness of an endless ocean swim area with the soothing benefits of warm water immersion for both adults and children. All these positives come at a fraction of the price of a standard pool which may not offer the same advantages.


For some of us, Christmas means spending time with people we may not see very often, have little in common with, or may not like very much. These gatherings can be worse because we dwell on past differences. We can get consumed by the negatives. Each year we can get upset by the same people and arguments as we have in the past.

Instead of dreading these confrontations and situations, focus on what you can change and decide how you are going to react. Tell yourself that you won’t get lured into trouble again this year. Focus on the control you have.

Most have a lot on their plate at this special time. There are end of school functions, work Christmas parties, jobs to complete before the school holidays, coffee with friends and you might be hosting a dinner party – everyone is in a rush. Delegate as many jobs as you can to ease the pressure on yourself and avoid an emotional meltdown.


Install some defences around the festive season to bring a bit of calm to the perceived Christmas chaos. Don’t commit to being in 2 or 3 places for meals and present exchanges on Xmas day, instead as much as possible spread meals and these get-togethers over a few days, which immediately releases the pressure of needing to leave one venue or home to get to another on time. Set aside some relaxation time, as little as 15 mins for you and your family or close friends.


When feeling pressured or upset say, ‘I need to be kind to myself’. We give ourselves a hard time and expect everything at Christmas to be perfect. Remind yourself that you are doing everything possible to create something special to share but be realistic and focus on yourself too.

Block out some spaces in the holidays or even better each day just for your own well-being, even if it is only for 15-30 minutes. Your Aussie Spa is the perfect place to simply close your eyes and completely relax, forgetting all your woes while you rejuvenate.

The holiday season is about people, being together and kindness – and that kindness has to start with you – so take that water immersion break in an Aussie Spa which come designed for every family.

Aussie Spa Guy