Isn’t it hard to make time to get together with other family members these days? Everyone is busy, it’s hard to tear kids away from their phone, TV, social media…I’m sure there are so many other things parents out there could easily add to the distractions to high quality family time.

One place that’s so much easier to get everybody together is in your brand-new Aussie Spa. In all my years in this business, I’ve not found too many people that don’t enjoy time soaking, relaxing and having fun in a warm tub.

Here are a few ideas that could help you get everyone together and most importantly stay connected.

  • For that special someone in your life, it’s a terrific getaway from all those little things that seem to distract us and get a chance to reconnect with each other. Make it a date night. Surprise someone with flowers sitting out at the tub, chocolate covered strawberries, and more. Get some of your favourite music playing on your Bluetooth music system to help set the mood and set you both up to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. So many of us rarely make that special time together that we all can benefit from as human beings.
  • Encourage individual time with your kids in the tub. I’ve heard some refer to a soak in a Spa as “truth serum”. It’s so true! There is something really soothing about getting into hot water, allowing your body the chance to relax, and producing endorphins. When you ask them how their day was, rather than just getting a “Fine” out of your son or daughter, you may find they will open themselves up and share a lot more information! It’s good for them, and it’s great for you.
  • Celebrate birthdays and incorporate the Spa. It’s a big day for kids. Why not make it special by letting them invite friends over to have a Spa soaking party before opening presents and cutting cake? Make it goofy fun too. Dole out a rubber duck or other fun Spa toy to each kid who arrives for the hot tubbing experience. (It would make an awesome pic for Instagram too!)
  • Kids who participate in sports, or other group activities would likely welcome a victory party to celebrate! Why not make the Spa part of a health and wellness option instead of somewhere unhealthy like a fast food place? Especially if it’s after a game, any kids out there playing sports can absolutely reap the health benefits their bodies would need to deal with any sore muscles and dispense with lactic acid.
  • And, Establish a ritual of an all-family meeting in the Spa each week. Pick a time where you’re likely to have the lowest number of potential conflicts. Is it a weekday with no other commitments? Friday evening to kick off the weekend. Saturday or Sunday to start out the new week? Make it a no-electronic media zone (water is the natural enemy of a phone) and collect phones in a basket before heading out to the tub. Get each family member to share a happy memory from their week. You go around and share one thing that made you happy. The goal here is to get everyone sharing recent experiences or moments that gladden your heart. I will confess that half the time one or more of us are in tears (though glad tears!) by the time we’re through.

I hope this will spur you on to think of unique ways you can make the Spa your family get-together retreat. Along the way you will also reap the rewards of the health and wellness benefits your Spa provides to your mind and body! It will do all of you a world of good!


Aussie Spa Guy,