The Team at Aussie Spas 2u


Passion for World Class


We are the immensely proud Australian owners of Aussie Spas 2u and have both had a passion for world class spas over many decades.

We had been delving into the delights of spas for nearly thirty years at motels and on cruise ships and wondered why we didn’t have one ourselves. We had both worked hard all our lives and found we were not travelling as much as usual, so when we built our first home, we made sure we had room to put in a spa.

The spa we chose was fantastic, however, the delivery and set-up of the spa was not. So, when the opportunity came up for us to start our own business, the obvious product was quality spas complete with no hidden surprises. We were so passionate about them and we knew we could provide better customer service whilst making sure that our customers knew exactly what is required for positioning your spa along with all the legal requirements.

Aussie Spas initially guides your journey, from the time you experience your very first wet test and choose your spa, to organising your delivery and set-up. Something we take pride in doing is delivering a complete package, as we believe everyone needs to know how to get the best use out of their spa. A company representative comes on site with you, from filling it with water and adding the chemicals which sanitise and balance your water and taking the mystery out of using the control panel.

But most of all we love the improved health benefits having a spa can provide for you. We both have played sport all our lives, which after time takes its toll on the body. Tony has suffered from back pain and had knee operations after a career as a cricket fast bowler and Karen has played tennis and golf now suffering from arthritis in the knee. We know the beneficial effects of having warm water immersion. Best of all it helps us sleep better as a result, something we all need more of considering the stress and tension of today’s world.

With Gratitude,

Tony & Karen Austin

Aussie Spas 2U